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About Us

The Kashrus Awareness Project

For the Educated Consumer

Kashrus used to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The scarcity of glatt and mehadrin options made us meticulous hashgacha-checkers, careful to ask before trusting any new product. Today’s explosion of foodie culture, home chefs, party planning, and holiday travel programs have brought about a shift in mentality, where kosher food is so readily available that consumers don’t think twice about hashgacha. 


We’re living in a generation of abundance - but that comes with its challenges. There’s a widespread blissful ignorance, a mentality of blind trust as we take kashrus for granted. Our children are not growing up with that same sensitivity, even as the vendor pool grows and products enter the market without the proper kashrus supervision. It’s time to reinstate the proverbial question: Is it our hechsher?


The Kashrus Awareness Project is committed to bringing attention to this timely issue, to make kashrus part of the conversation in our community, and to lay the groundwork for consumers to make informed decisions.

The Kashrus Awareness Project receives guidance from AKO, an umbrella association of kashrus organizations. We do not intend to render halachic decisions, nor do we affiliate with, or endorse the contents of linked material. Content has been aggregated with permission from their authors and serves as a reference guide to the many kashrus related topics. The project's mission is to inform and educate the kosher consumer to know what to look out for and what to inquire about. After all, sh’alas chochom is chatzi teshuvah.

Please note: Many of the resources found on this site may not necessarily be up to date. For all questions you have regarding halachah, please ask you local Rav for guidance.

Advisory Board

Rabbi Nosson Dubin
Houston Kosher

Rabbi Moshe Elefant

Rabbi Saul Emanuel
Montreal Kosher

Rabbi Yacov Felder
COR - Toronto

Rabbi Sholem Fishbane
AKO and cRc

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman

Rabbi Menachem Genack

Rabbi Lipa Klein

Dr. Avrom Pollak

Rabbi Ari Senter
Kof K

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