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Melted Gelt

Unwrapping the World of Chocolate

Is it true that chocolate factories are sometimes kashered with molten chocolate? Is chocolate labeled dairy equipment, truly dairy free? Let’s find out the answers in this fascinating conversation with Rabbi Dovid Oppenheimer, Rabbinic Coordinator at the cRc.

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Dec 12, 2023

Regarding the inquiries Rabbi Oppenheimer receives about bittul of milk in parev chocolate. I wonder why one could not simply ask a fellow Jew who relies on the Reb Moshe/Chazon Ish hetter to taste it and tell him whether it has the flavor of milk. It is true that the Levush does not like it, but the Shach and the preponderance of poskim do allow and recommend it. (This would certainly be a good option for Sefardim.) I, Eliezer Eisenberg, offer my services to those making the inquiries. Zikui Harabbim is in my blood.

Eliezer Eisenberg
Eliezer Eisenberg
Dec 12, 2023
Replying to

Perhaps many of those who do not rely on the hetter view those who do as chashudim l'oso dovor. But in this case, where it is a milsa d'avida l'immediately iglu'yei, that should not be a concern.

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