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The Great Post-Pesach Pizza Rush

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Is the Pesach Pizza worth its Weight?

They took the leftover kosher l’Pesach pizza dough, which was gluten free, and no one knew the difference! It was so good!

Rabbi Fishbane:

We just discussed potential issues with supermarkets and shops, but then there are the shailos related to restaurants, local bagel stores and of course, the pizza shops.

I just got an inquiry. Can we let our employees come in on Pesach to turn on the ovens, so that Motzei Pesach we can get that first pizza out?

Yitzchok Hisiger:

Yeah, churning out that pizza within an hour of the Zman? What’s the secret? What’s the real story there? Is the dough sold?

Rabbi Fishbane:

Yes, many times they’re selling dough, but if done halachically, people buy it.

Yitzchok Hisiger:

Does Rabbi Fishbane have pizza on Motzei Pesach?

Rabbi Fishbane:

I got to tell you, in my job as administrator, some years I go to Pesach hotels.

Yitzchok Hisiger:

Right. A topic for a different time.

Rabbi Fishbane:

Oh my! So, one year, and this was great, it happened by one of the Pesach hotels I was at.

In general at many of such vacations, you almost wouldn’t know it’s Pesach. There’s nothing you can’t get! You’ll have buns at the Chol Ha’Moed barbecue made from tapioca or whatnot... So one of the things they do in Pesach hotels is a pizza shop, the whole Yom Tov you’re going to line up, you make your own pizza, delicious. So one year, so of course, they bring frozen pizza in the trucks, they sell it K’halacha and Motzei Yom Tov they start churning out the pizza.

Everything’s great. Until they run out of dough. You’d think the oilem at the Pesach hotel hasn’t eaten in a week. Before Yom tov we give what is called a “sensitivity training”. In addition to halachic concerns we train them in, we’ll sometimes prepare them what they are about to experience. I like to call it three Thanksgiving meals a day.

I often joke, that Pesach hotels should start charging by weight. They weigh you when you come in, and weigh you when you leave and charge you per pound.

Jokes aside, that year, on Motzei pesach, they ran out of dough. So they took the leftover kosher l’Pesach pizza dough, which was gluten free, and no one knew the difference! It was so good!

So here’s my dilemma as a Rav Ha’Machshir. Do I get up and announce “Rabbosai, stop washing netilas yadaim, It’s gluten free! Do I reveal the secret?

Of course, we go with halacha, period. But I just remember that year because it was quite amusing.

So, yes, it is difficult to churn out enough pizzas and you have to be innovative, alert, and knowledgable. For example, the pizza ovens, in order for them to be heated up and ready to churn out the goods, they keep them on low the second days of Yom tov. There are shailos you need to be prepared for.

I’m not here to passken l’halacha, I’m not rauy for that, I’m just raising the questions that an educated consumer would wish to be informed about. Sh’alas chochom, chatzi teshuvah.

Yitzchok Hisiger:

Thank you Rabbi Fishbane.

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