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Starbucks: Just A Black Coffee

What can be wrong with a plain black coffee? Apparently it isn’t that simple. R’ Sholem Fishbane, Director of Kashrus for the Chicago Rabbinical Council and Executive Director of AKO gives us guidance in this second installment of the Starbucks series.

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4 comentarios

02 jun

I don’t understand how an espresso is free of doubt. Isn’t a portafilter used? Don’t we need to know how the portafilter is cleaned?

With regard CIP brew basket. Don’t we need to know that the brew basket is new and was never Hobarted?

Am I missing something?

Me gusta

24 jul 2023

Does Starbucks only have one brewing basket, or to they alternate between a few? If they have more than one shouldn't the rule of stam keilim apply?

Me gusta

23 jul 2023

Being that I live in Eretz Yisroel and am not familiar with the American restaurant scene

you keep mentioning that Starbucks is a treife restaurant, so why is this different than McDonalds or any other treife resturant where no one would ever think of going in to just get a black coffee?

Me gusta
CB Spira
CB Spira
23 jul 2023
Contestando a

It is a great question. Starbucks is viewed primarily as a purveyor of coffee that happens to serve food. McDonald's is a burger joint that only recently started serving coffee...

Additionally, there are parts of America where the lines are blurred (rest areas on a highway) and there's no other way to access otherwise kosher certified food than from a primarily unkosher establishment...

Me gusta
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